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EasyETFs creating world class investment products.

EasyETF - ETF Goals

Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind EasyETFs is to make it as easy, engaging, educational, transparent, rewarding, and affordable for retail investors in South Africa to invest in a range of actively managed funds, just as it is for institutional investors.

EasyETF - Purpose Statement

Our Purpose

To democratize Active ETF investment in South Africa, bridging the gap for retail investors with simplicity, educational resources, and the same opportunities as institutional investors.

EAsyETF - Our Pedigree

Our Pedigree

EasyETFs RF (Pty) Ltd is a registered manager of the EasyETFs Scheme, a Collective Investment Scheme approved by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Under the Scheme EasyETFs is an authorised Exchange Trade Fund Issuer of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

EasyETF - Our Promise

Our Promise

We commit to a partnership-driven growth, leveraging the 'Easy Group' ethos to ensure Active ETFs are accessible, understandable, and beneficial for our South African investors.

Meet the Team

The team behind the wheel and innovative ETFs offered by EasyETFs

Nicola Comninos

Nicola Comninos, CFA

Managing Executive Director

Nicola Comninos, CFA is the executive managing director of EasyETFs Management Company. She is also the Group Chief Risk Officer of Purple Group Limited where she is responsible for group risk, sustainability, governance, legal and compliance for the group and its subsidiaries including, but not limited to EasyEquities, EasyCrypto, EasyProperties, RISE, EasyAssetManagement and EasyETFs.

With 18 years’ experience in financial markets, her previous roles include Group Chief Risk Officer of JSE; chair of the JSE Pension Fund Board; Managing Director of Nautilus Group, a Hedge Fund Management Company; head of various functions including Group Strategy, Sustainability, Equities and Equity Derivatives at the JSE; Investment Consulting at Acsis; and Life Investment Product Development at mCubed Life.

Nicola’s qualifications include CFA Charterholder, B.Com and B.Com Honours Investment Management degrees (both Cum Laude). She serves on numerous industry associations, including CFA SA Society and IRMSA boards; SANBOF (non-bank ODP forum), 100 Women in Finance and Women in ETFs committees.

Deresh Lawangee

Deresh Lawangee

Executive Director

Deresh Lawangee is the Chief Executive Officer of RISE. A visionary leader with over a decade of leadership experience, Deresh is the driving force behind RISE's innovative approach to retirement fund management. Deresh has provided investment consulting and actuarial services to many retirement funds across the African Continent.

Relebohile Mapetla

Relebohile Zukiswa Mapetla

Non-Executive Director

Lebo Mapetla is a Pan Africanist entrepreneur with a passion for bringing investments and economic sustainability to different African countries. Lebo has over 16 years of experience in both high-level private and public sector combined, being a skilful strategist and negotiator, she has been instrumental in the establishment of well-run and profitable client businesses throughout the African continent.

She has worked successfully with various governments in Africa whilst establishing local subsidiary companies in the varied countries, including Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania. Lebo Mapetla is the founder and CEO of Networks Advisory (Pty) Ltd, providing management consulting services on business turnarounds, financial advisory, including operations fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, market-entry, and business development advisory, as well as commercial legal and company secretarial services.

In 2023, Lebo founded the Uyazukiswa Foundation; a non-profit organisation (NPO) united in assisting the youth from townships and disadvantaged rural communities to get access to excellent quality education and social are. The Uyazukiswa Foundation aims to achieve this by setting up counselling containers, as well as rehabilitation facilities to aid the drug addicted youth reintegrate and reconnect with society.

Mechele Ongley

Michele Ongley

Non-Executive Director

Michele Ongley have spent the last 25 years working in the retirement fund and asset mamanagement industry, working for some of the largest service providers. She is focused on developing and implementing appropriate investment products and solutions for members and investors to achieve their retirement and financial goals.

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